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International Family Law

International family law is one of the cornerstones of the practise at Montreal family law firm, Kalman Samuels and Associates. The breakdown of the family is a difficult matter without the complications of geography and legal entanglements that ensue thereof. Kalman Samuels and Associates can assist you in all aspects of separation, divorce, child custody and financial reconciliation.

The difficult realities of the world today means that it is necessary for clients to have lawyers equipped to handle cases involving foreign law, or child custody cases where child abduction has been a factor.

The Montreal law firm is fully briefed in The Hague Convention’s International Child Abduction laws and with their experience in cross-border litigation, they are able to argue for their clients when matters of jurisdiction complicate the case.

Kalman Samuels and Associates Montreal law firm has the expertise you need in all aspects of conducting cross-border litigation within the International Family Law purview. Montreal litigators at Kalman Samuels and Associates can establish international strategies to efficiently and effectively resolve disputes. A solid knowledge of international law is where this Montreal law firm excels.


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