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Kalman Samuels, Q.C. & Associates consists of a team of dedicated attorneys sharing a collegial approach to the progression of all the various cases handled by our firm. This global management system is beneficial to our clients, providing them with the knowledge and experience of a professional team of Montreal lawyers, including affiliated offices and consultants throughout the world.



Stella Flader Samuels

Admitted to the Bar in 1954 in British Columbia, in 1983 in Quebec

  • Education: University of British Columbia; University of Toronto
  • Languages: English
  • Practice Areas: Family Law; Estates Law; Personal Injury; Medical Malpractice

Me Stella Flader Samuels holds membership in both the British Columbia Bar and the Quebec Bar, which, with her training in both the civil and common law legal systems, are invaluable in cases involving International Family Cross border litigation or international law. She also has extensive experience working with estates and successions. Me Stella Flader Samuels has been invited to serve as a Governor of the Fondation du Barreau du Québec. Social involvement is important to her and she sits on numerous boards of companies and non-profit organizations.


Daniel Romano

Admitted to the Bar in 2007 in Quebec

  • Education: McGill University (B.C.L., LL.B), University of Hawaii (M.A.), University of Florida (B.A.).
  • Languages: English, French, Japanese
  • Practice Areas: Civil litigation, Family Law, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Privacy & Personal Rights, Business Law

After successfully completing the New York Bar Exam in 1995, Me Daniel Romano was drawn into the entrepreneurial world where he developed a solid background in business and political interests as well as in social activism. He co-founded thriving companies such as H2O Adventures, Teambuilding Montreal, C.A.G.E. Canada, and Spa Mana.

His diverse projects have taken him from Japan to Germany, across the U.S, and from Israel to the Philippines. Throughout his travels and ventures, Me Romano has become very familiar with the many interrelations between the business, political, societal and legal worlds, and how these can affect the private individual. Fortified by this international experience, Me Romano has returned to law where he can exercise his true passion of representing his clients in the courtroom where he can have their voices heard before the tribunals, in mediation, and especially, where he can fight for their rights.

Having completed a double law degree at McGill University in civil law and in common law, Me Romano has a strong appreciating for the two legal systems used in Canada and across the industrialized world. His familiarity with these two major legal systems allows him to explore alternative solutions to legal and practical problems presented to him by his clients.

In his role as office manager for the firm of Kalman Samuels, Q.C. & Associates, Me Romano plays a role in almost all of the files that pass through the office. In addition to his regular case load of litigation, family law and personal injury files, Me Romano has a keen interest in issues of privacy, personal rights and liberties and dignity. He is especially concerned by the internet revolution and medical advances and how these can have an effect upon the privacy and autonomy of individuals. He has intervened legally many times on behalf of clients to have entire websites, videos and defamatory materials removed from the internet.

Me Romano sits on the Board of Directors of several corporations and also non-profit organizations dedicated to personal rights, sports associations and cultural organizations.


Margherita M. Morsella

Admitted to the Bar in 1987 in Quebec

  • Education: McGill University ( B.A.); University of Quebec in Montreal ( L.L.B.)
  • Languages: English, French, Italian
  • Practice Areas: Family Law & Civil Litigation

Me Morsella has over 25 years of experience in law. Specialized in Family law and civil litigation, she has been associated with and partner in well-established law offices in Montreal. Me Morsella was born in Italy but grew up in Montreal where she attended McGill University earned a B.A. in History and Political Science. She studied civil law at the University of Rome (La Sapienza) and she obtained an LL.B. Law Degree at the University of Quebec in Montreal after which she further specialized in family law and litigation.

She is a member of the Association of Family Law Lawyers and the Association of Italian Canadian Jurists. Me Morsella was a founding member of the Italian Women’s Center in Montreal and the Immigrant Women’s Cooperative. She has volunteered at Head and Hands, a youth community organization, and continues to volunteer at the Women’s Center of Montreal. Her social involvement in the community was always a concern and to that end she became a member of the Board of Directors of the National Congress of Italian Canadians, Quebec Region from 2006 until 2013. As a member of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers she organized and chaired Literary Salons, attended conferences and was a delegate at various conferences in Montreal, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Toronto. From 2006 until 2010 she wrote a bi-weekly column entitled "A proposito di Legge" for the Corriere Italiano. One of her articles on immigration entitled "La Situazione della Donna Immigrante nel Quebec" was published in the Journal "Affari Sociali Internazionali".


Leila Sadeg

Admitted to the Bar in 2011 in Quebec

  • Education: University of Montreal (LL.B)
  • Languages: French, English, Spanish
  • Practice Areas: Family Law, International Family Law, Youth Law, Immigration Law, Estate Law

Me Leila Sadeg has worked as a legal officer in one of the United Nations Specialized Agencies, in Geneva, Switzerland. During her studies, she participated in a program on International Law and Human Rights at the Institut international des Droits de l’Homme, in Strasbourg, France. She also gained valuable experience within non-profit organizations, including working in an organization which aims to defend and protect foreign caregivers’ rights, in Montreal, Quebec.

Since joining the firm of Kalman Samuels, Q.C. & Associates in 2012, Me Sadeg has very rapidly established herself as a meticulous and very thorough attorney. Her passion for Family Law, International Law, Youth Law and Immigration Law allows her to work with devotion and a sense of humanity in all of her mandates.


Geoffrey Ngamilu

Admitted to the Bar in 2010 in Quebec

  • Education: University of Montreal (LL.B., DESS, LL.M.)
  • Languages: English, French
  • Practice Areas: Civil Litigation, Family Law, International Family Law, Immigration Law and Successions Law

Me Geoffrey Ngamilu has a well-developed knowledge of both legal systems used in North American countries since after obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Law (LL.B.) at the University of Montreal, he successfully completed a specialization degree in North-American Common Law (DESS). Me Ngamilu also went on to obtain a Master of International Law (LL.M.) at the University of Montreal in addition to completing a Certificate at the University of Ottawa in International Humanitarian Law.

This solid foundation in international law served to open the doors for Me Ngamilu to join the ranks of the United Nations Specialized Agency based in Geneva, Switzerland. As a legal officer for the UN, Me Ngamilu acquired legal expertise which led to his recruitment at a leading Montreal Law firm for the publication of a major work in Labour Law.

Me Ngamilu is able to combine his knowledge of the strict provisions of law with the possibility of alternative human approaches in order to determine the best possible solutions for each of his client’s unique circumstances.


Maryse Larocque

Admitted to the Bar in 2014 in Quebec

  • Education: Université de Montréal (LL.B., J.D. LL.M.)
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish
  • Practice Areas: Family law, Civil Litigation, Estates and Successions, Personal Rights, Privacy Protection

Maryse Larocque has a background in both legal systems established in Canada – civil and common law. After the completion of her Bachelor of Law and Juris Doctor at the Université de Montréal, Me Larocque subsequently completed a Master’s degree in North American common law with a focus on the territorial issues of aboriginal people. During her studies, she participated in an exchange program abroad, at the Université Panthéon-Assas in Paris, and a summer program at the China University of Political Science and Law. It is with these experiences that Me Larocque acquired a passion for and experience in comparative law.

Me Larocque is especially passionate about the rights of vulnerable persons and wishes to protect the rights of those who are often neglected by society. In fact, she is a member of the Canadian Prison Law Association and works to protect the rights of detained persons. She is also interested in the rights of persons with respect to the protection of privacy in an age where digital media and social networks overstep the boundaries between the private and public sphere.


Lisa LeRoy

Admitted to the Bar in 2014 in Quebec

  • Education: McGill University (B.C.L./LL.B.), London School of Economics & Political Science (M.Sc.), University of Ottawa (B.Soc.Sc.)
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish
  • Practice Areas: Family Law, International Family Law, International Adoption, Human Rights, Youth Law, Civil Litigation

Me Lisa LeRoy is passionate about family law, international family law and human rights, with a particular interest in the rights of the child.

Me LeRoy obtained her Bachelors of Civil Law and Bachelors of Common Law from McGill University’s Faculty of Law. She spent her final semester of her law degree on exchange at Université Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne. Prior to her studies at McGill, she was awarded a Master of Science in Human Rights with merit from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she was a Commonwealth Scholar. In 2008, she received an Honours Bachelor of Social Sciences degree from the University of Ottawa in International Development and Globalization, where she graduated magna cum laude. Prior to joining Kalman Samuels she articled and spent two summers at a large law firm in Montreal practicing employment, corporate and intellectual property law.

With a deep commitment to social justice, Me LeRoy seized opportunities during her legal studies to volunteer at the Legal Information Clinic at McGill, at Project Genesis and as a clerk with a judge at Quebec Youth Court. She has volunteered widely with humanitarian organizations in Canada and internationally.


Veronique Malka

Admitted to the Bar in 1995 in Ontario, Licenced by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as Foreign Legal Consultant since 2006

  • Education: McGill University (LL.B, B.C.L., B.A.)
  • Clerkship at the Quebec Court of Appeal
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish
  • Practice Areas: Immigration, International Child Abduction, Family Law

Attorney Veronique Malka practiced family law and human rights advocacy for over a decade in Ontario before moving to the U.S. in 2003. She now divides her time between her offices in New York, New Jersey and Québec, devoting her talents to Canadian immigration, with a focus on corporate immigration for Canada/U.S. clients. In addition, she assists clients with individual Canadian immigration needs such as naturalization and citizenship, passport renewals, temporary work and study permits and other cross-border issues such as the child abductions under the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Attorney Malka shares her knowledge and experience on TV and radio in Canada and the U.S.A., presents regularly on legal panels and at conferences, and has been published several times in both French and English. She is also a part-time University professor in International law in New Jersey.


Simone Emmert

  • Education: Julius-Maximilians University of Wuerzburg, Germany (LL.M.Eur.)
  • Languages: French, English, German
  • Practice Areas: Intercultural Mediation, International Family Law, Private International Law, Immigration Law

While pursuing her PhD in law in Germany, Simone Emmert was a legal lecturer and researcher with experience in human rights, international law, family law, immigration and asylum law. She has completed extensive interdisciplinary work and research on gender studies and queer theory. She is also recognized as a trainer for anti-discrimination courses based on the anti-bias-approach with focus on migration, gender and homo-/transphobia. She has published and lectured extensively in her areas of specialty. While completing her PhD, Ms. Emmert has offered her extensive research skills and knowledge to the firm of Kalman Samuels, Q.C. & Associates. With the assistance of Ms. Emmert, our attorneys can provide cutting-edge legal representation in developing legal fields of diversity such as sex and gender based discrimination, bias, sexual orientation and gender identity (trans- and intersexuality).

kalman samuels

Kalman Samuels, Q.C. (In memoriam: 1927-2011)

Admitted to the Bar in 1957 in Quebec

This website, as well as innumerable aspects of our practice, are dedicated to the memory of Kalman Samuels, Q.C., a pillar of the legal community and development of the law in Quebec.

  • Education: McGill University; Laval University
  • Languages: English, French
  • Practice Areas: Family Law; International Family Law; Estates; Personal Injury Law; Appointed Queen's Counsel, 1973. Featured on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Family Law, 1988. Member, Diplomatic Corps of Montreal.
  • Member: Montreal, Quebec and Canadian Bar Associations; American Bar Association (Associate Member); (Governor) the American Association of Justice (AAJ); Fellow of International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (Past Governor 2002 2004). American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (Certified Fellow).

In 2006, Me Kalman Samuels, Q.C. had reached 50 years as member of the Quebec Bar Association. His extensive contacts in international organizations, such as the American Association of Justice (AAJ), International Academy and American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, offer an unparalleled network for International Family Cross border litigation in today's highly mobile society.

Kalman Samuels, Q.C. will continue to serve as an enduring inspiration to those attorneys who endeavor to continue his legacy of dedicated service to our clients.

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