Fields of Practice

As an international practice, Montreal law firm Kalman Samuels, Q.C. & Associates specializes in family law with the right to pursue cases internationally. Our firm also focuses on both Elder and Personal Rights law, as well as Personal Injury and Estate-Succession.

Montreal Family Law

Our Montreal family law firm practices family law on a provincial, national and international level. At Kalman Samuels we deal with issues of divorce and separation. Child custody and spousal support are within our purview. We represent a number of clients domiciled or residing outside of Canada.

International Family Law

International family law is one of the cornerstones of our practice. The breakdown of the family is a difficult matter without the complications of international borders, jurisdiction, and legal entanglements that ensue. As your international divorce lawyer in Montreal, we can assist you in all aspects of separation, divorce, child custody and financial reconciliation. We are also experienced in matters of child abduction whether within the confines of Canada or across the international line into the U.S.

Personal Rights/Elder Law

Our firm helps protect the rights of seniors in matters related to nursing homes, long-term care, power of attorney and incapacity. We also work in the area of personal rights, ensuring that those incapacitated or under tutorship are given their just due.


From the opening to the liquidation and partition of an estate, our Montreal estate lawyer firm has the necessary expertise in order to efficiently and professionally assist you.

Personal Injury

Our Montreal personal injury law firm practices personal injury lawsuits. We can help you with your claim for bodily injury compensation resulting from an accident. This includes not only automobile accidents but snowmobile accidents, medical and dental malpractice and hydroelectric accidents.



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